Rules & Regulations

  1. Full Rent and Security Deposit to be paid at the time of booking.
  2. Refund of Security Deposit,if any, shall be claimed by the party in office hours after the function is over.
  3. Rules and Regulation acceptance form should be signed at the time of booking the hall.
  4. Booking cannot be cancelled under any circumstances and no refund will be made.
  5. The Booking receipt has to be submitted in the Hall office at the time of possession of the Hall.
  6. The party should submit invitation card to the Hall one week before the function.
  7. Non-vegetarian food, smoking ,eating pann , consumption of liquor, bursting of crackers or explosives,other malpractices and any hazardous things are not allowed in the Premises.Lunch or Dinner are not allowed to eat in Indrapratha Hall.
  8. Transport or goods vehicles shall not be permitted to park in the parking area.
  9. The party in case they desire to utilize this area for any other purpose shall have to take prior approval of hall management.
  10. All disputes or arbitation shall be handled in Mumbai Jursdiction.
  11. Outside D.J. id not allowed.
  12. While conducting Sangeet Sandhya & Dandia Rase, speakers should not be more than 5000 walts in total.
  13. All functions,i.e. Reception,Dandia Rase ,Sangeet Sandhya,Marriage etc. shoul be over by 10.00 PM and party should leave the premises by 11.00 PM.
  14. Monsoon shed will be charged extra.